Church List

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Anglican Parish of Rondeau Bay
Phone:  519-676-2081

Trinity, Blenheim

St. Paul’s, Erieau

Grace, Rondeau Park

Blenheim Baptist Church
Phone: 519-676-3886
Blenheim United Church
Phone: 519-676-5574
Cedar Springs Pastoral Charge
Phone: 519-676-0027

Fourth Line United

Charing Cross Pastoral Charge 
Phone: 519 352 9679

Charing Cross United Church

Wesley United Church

Christian Reformed Church,  Blenheim
Phone: (519) 676-2831
Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church, Blenheim
Guilds United Church Pastoral Charge  Phone: 519-674-3500 (leave message)

New Scotland United Church

Ridge Community Church

Glad Tidings Community Church
Phone: 519-676-8144
Merlin United Pastoral Charge
Phone: 519-689-4784

Merlin United Church

Fletcher United Church

South Buxton United Pastoral Charge
Phone: 519-689-7555

St. Andrew’s United Church

St. Luke’s United Church

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church Phone: 519-676-2025